Since 1983, legal writer Joelle Steele has been a leader in writing and selling contracts for small business. In fact, she was the first to sell contracts online, starting in 1992. Her mission is to provide every small business owner with contracts that are easy to understand, ethical and fair to all parties, legally enforceable, fully customizable, and truly affordable.

Joelle began by writing several pre-printed forms that she sold by mail order to the horticultural and publishing industries in 1983. Shortly after that, she began writing contracts for small businesses in other industries and trades and sold them to forms publishers. In 1992, she began selling these forms online. By 2002, computers and the Internet had become an integral part of every small business, and Joelle responded to this technology by converting all her pre-printed contract forms into customizable templates in Word documents and shipping them as E-mail attachments.

Joelle is always expanding her catalog, and today Contract Kingdom offers more than 100 different small business contract templates. Joelle also writes contracts on request. In addition to small businesses, Contract Kingdom's clients include attorneys and individuals in the United States and throughout the English-speaking world.

Joelle has a BA in Language Arts (a double-major in English and Linguistics) and has also taken classes in contract law, torts, and legal writing. She is not a lawyer and does not provide legal advice, but all the contract templates sold by Contract Kingdom are reviewed by an attorney.