by Joelle Steele

The following are some of Joelle's previously-published articles about contracts, agreements, and other legal topics for individuals and small businesses.

A Few Basics of Good Legal Writing: You can be a better legal writer by following a few basic guidelines for legal writers.

Copyright: Protection for Intellectual Property: This article provides a brief overview of copyright law and copyright infringement.

Dispute Resolution Methods-Arbitration, Mediation, and Litigation: There are several ways to resolve a conflict, and here is how the most common ones work.

Does Your Contract Protect You From "The Worst That Could Happen"?: When you write your contracts, be sure to anticipate the worst case scenario and be prepared in case it happens.

Five Components of a Great Contract: These are some of the most important things to do when writing your own contract.

How to Hire An Attorney: Asking for referrals, shopping around, and asking the right questions will help you hire the right attorney.

How to Negotiate A Contract: Negotiation is an important part of the contract process, and it helps both parties get what they want.

How to Win in Small Claims Court: Being prepared is the best way to get a judgment in your favor.

Patents:Protection for Your Inventions: A little background on the patent process for inventors.

Contracts for Individuals and Small Businesses: A quick overview of various kinds of contracts and their use and applications to individuals and businesses.

Tips for Customizing Small Business Contract Templates: A list of items to follow when customizing a contract template that you purchase online.

Trade Secrets Agreements for Small Business: The basics of how such contracts work to protect not only employers but employees as well.

Trademarks & Service Marks: Protection for Your Brand: A brief overview of trademarks and service marks.

Understanding Torts and Contracts for Small Business: What happens when an agreement, implicit or explicit, is breached?

What Does A Notary Do, and Should Your Contract Be Notarized?: Notaries verify signatures of people as they sign legal documents.

What Is A Paralegal?: The definitions vary according to where you are in the world, but the United States is one country that is reluctant to recognize these valuable individuals when they freelance.

Who Should Write Your Small Business Contract?: Anyone can write a contract, but what's important is finding someone who can write a legally-binding contract for a reasonable price.

Why Every Landscaper Needs A Good Contract: Illustrates the need for a good contract for any small business.

Why You Should Not Try To Get Out Of Jury Duty: You'd be surprised at who turns up for jury duty, and more importantly who doesn't. Who do you want sitting on a jury if you go to trial?

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