I can't believe how fast your service was. I had my contract in less than five minutes. By the way, my lawyer agreed that it was very comprehensive.
- Jeremy Tosh, New York, NY

I am so pleased with your professional service provided with a personal touch...bravo! You've saved me countless hours of research and expense.
- Roger Bisbe, Ringwood, NJ

I've bought several contracts online and yours were the only ones that had plenty of options and were also very easy to understand. Thanks so much.
- Winnie Pope, Toronto, ONT
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Your small business needs a great contract, and here it is. This Personal/Private Chef Agreement is legally-binding, easy to understand, and comes in a fully customizable Word doc. And, best of all, it's affordable! It ships daily by email within 24 hours – often within minutes – and includes a FREE Contract Basics HELP PDF. So buy it today and give your business the legal protection it deserves!

Language includes but is not limited to:

• Services, schedules, menus
• Shopping, preparation, serving
• Storage, pick-up, delivery, kitchen use, access, pantry staples, amenities
• Guarantees, waivers, rescheduling, changes
• Cancellations, refunds, insurance, licensing
• Terms, payment, deposits, additional charges
• Attorneys fees, jurisdiction, entire agreement, and severability

IMPORTANT: Catering companies should purchase the Catering Agreement.

FRM-934 $24.99

NOTE. Your customized contract is a "derived work" that is protected by U.S. Copyright Law. It is for your own use only — as many times as you need it — but, you may NOT give it away, distribute it, resell it, republish it in any form, or display it on your Web site.

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