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Do I need to log-in, register, subscribe, or fill out forms with personal info about me or my business? No.

How can I tell what's in a contract if I can't see it before I buy it? Everything that's included in each contract is listed, and the contracts are very comprehensive. You can view a sample page of one of our contracts. If after purchasing a contract you require additional language, all you have to do is contact us at and the language you request will be written for you at no additional charge.

How come you don't show samples of all your contracts? Because we don't want to mislead you into using a customized sample instead of a contract template that shows the generic, uncustomized version of the contract, complete with any optional language. If you don't know what you're doing, using a sample could result in you using an invalid contract.

How long are your contracts? The page length varies from one contract to another. After you delete language you don't need or want, add descriptions of your services, and adjust the font sizes to meet your needs, your customized version may stay the same length, or it may be shorter or longer.

How frequently are your contracts updated and reviewed by attorneys? All contracts are updated as required or requested. All new contracts are reviewed by an attorney. All contracts are also reviewed whenever changes are made to the substance of an agreement such that the legality of the document must be confirmed.

NOTICE: Your customized contract is a "derived work" that is protected by U.S. Copyright Law. It is for your own use only — as many times as you need it — but, you may NOT give it away, distribute it, resell it, republish it in any form, or display it on your Web site.