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Image of the Scales of Justice.Art Gallery Contract. Outlines details of the works, copyright ownership, trust and stewardship, venues, consignment term, exclusivity, commissioned works, reproductions, promotion, display, pricing, payment, and more.
FRM-932 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Art Licensing Agreement. For the ongoing sale of a work of art. Covers definition of the work, ownership of rights, what rights are assigned, use of the work, license term, fees, payment, and more.
FRM-923 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Art Publishing Contract. For publishing a work as a print, calendar, greeting card, etc. Covers copyright, sale or royalties, delivery of work, publishing rights, distribution, fees/royalties, payment, and more.

FRM-931 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.

Freelance Artist Contract. For use by artists or publishers who contract with an independent contractor artist for illustration work. Includes scope of work, format of work, fees, payment, rights, ownership, worker status, and more.

FRM-943 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Freelancer Contract for Creative Services. For use by an advertising agency or business contracting graphic design or other creative services to a freelancer or independent contractor. Includes scope of work, project guidelines, revisions, fees, payment, rights, liability, and more.

FRM-920 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.General Photographic Release Contract. For obtaining permission (a release) from others to use any kind of image of anyone or anything either "as is" or in a digitized format. Includes definition of subject matter, confidentiality, waivers, and more.
FRM-919 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Graphic Design Contract. For use by graphic designers, advertising agencies, and other creative services providers. Includes scope of work, rights and rights assignments, liability limitations, fees, payment, reimbursables, and more.
FRM-921 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.

Interior Design Contract. Very detailed contract that outlines the design process and scope of work, hiring of experts and additional services, scheduling, delays, supervision of installation, fees and terms, limitations, exclusions, and more.

FRM-947 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Model Photographic Release Contract. For photographers, film makers, or artists to obtain permission of a model to use images of that model for publication. Includes model's background, optional parent/guardian language, fees and royalties, payment, and more.
FRM-910 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Photography/Photographer's Contract. For any type of photographer or photography business. Covers photographic product, quantities, formats, proofs, delivery, fees, payment, cancellations, and more.

FRM-917 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Web Site Design Services Contract. Includes domain names, web hosting, navigation structure, written text, images, overall design, banners and logos, coding, auxiliary files, launching/publishing, maintenance, fees, payment, and more.

FRM-906 $24.99

NOTICE: Your customized contract is a "derived work" that is protected by U.S. Copyright Law. It is for your own use only — as many times as you need it — but, you may NOT give it away, distribute it, resell it, republish it in any form, or display it on your Web site.