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Image of the Scales of Justice.Cohabitation/Domestic Partnership Contract. For unmarried couples (man-woman or same sex) living together. Includes disclosure of assets and obligations, assets and obligations made during cohabitation, earnings, repairs/improvements to residence, financial support, and more. Comes with schedules of assets to be regularly updated.
FRM-907 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Joint Legal & Physical Child-Centered Custody Contract. For parents who have joint legal and physical custody. Covers custody schedules, communications, financial issues, travel, relocation, child support payment, vacations, visitation, and more, with plenty of optional language so you can make adjustments to it as your children grow and their needs change.
FRM-912 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Premarital/Prenuptial/Marriage Contract. For those planning to marry and want to define the disposition of separate and jointly-owned assets and obligations. Covers personal background, disclosures of premarital assets and obligations, management of separate and marital assets and obligations, transmutation of property, mutual waivers, wills and codicils, and more. Comes with schedules of your separate and mutual assets to be regularly updated.
FRM-908 $24.99

Image of the Scales of Justice.Simple/Bequest/Pourover Will. Includes plenty of simple options to select from to ensure that your estate is distributed to your heirs and other beneficiaries in accordance with your last wishes. Contains options for bequest, simple, and pourover wills, all in same document. Define beneficiaries and bequests, executor/representative, executor's duties, and the pourover into an existing or future living trust.
FRM-946 $24.99

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