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All small business contracts are written in simple English without any confusing, archaic legalese. Legally binding, fully customizable Word docs, optional language, unlimited use, unlimited E-mail support. Ships daily within 24 hours or less by E-mail along with a FREE Contract Basics HELP PDF. Read our Customer Reviews, our FAQs, or look at a Sample Contract.

Image of the Scales of Justice. Don't see the small business contract template you're looking for? Contract Kingdom is always adding new contract templates to our catalogue. But, if you need something right now and can't find it, we can usually create a custom contract just for you. And, if it's generic enough — meaning other people or small businesses might find it useful too — we'll write it for the current non-sale price of our other contract templates and then sell it on this Web site.

With custom contract templates, you will be expected to help by supplying background on what you do and what you are trying to achieve with your custom contract. So you'll be sending and responding to a few E-mails in the process. And, if you have already written a draft of the contract, that can help provide a much clearer picture of exactly what you want and need. In most cases, your contract can be delivered to you within a matter of a few short days.

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NOTICE: Your customized contract is a "derived work" that is protected by U.S. Copyright Law. It is for your own use only — as many times as you need it — but, you may NOT give it away, distribute it, resell it, republish it in any form, or display it on your Web site.